RTBG – new visit

A couple of fellow Food Garden volunteers, R and A, visited the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (RTBG) last week and have forwarded their photos for this blog.  The panorama shot below encompasses some of the end of the Food Garden near the pavilion and tool shed.


R and A were excited about seeing ‘the patch’ again.  ‘It is looking great – Adam tells us he has been getting help from other staff and he seems to be able to get more done because of the lack of garden visitors. We commented on how good everything looked – lots of produce – he said a big difference is that there isn’t anything being taken, as there usually is when the gardens are open. The Second Bite charity is coming to the RTBG front gate and collecting produce from Adam through the week. He’s very much looking forward to having us back, although he doesn’t know when that might be. We asked what our first job might be – thinking weeding, which there is plenty of – he said first thing will be a long cuppa and a chat. He does miss us. The Gardens were super busy – it was actually hard to get a park – there were plenty of people picnicking etc, definitely not there just for ‘exercise’. It’s so heartening to see that for many people in the community, the gardens are a much loved part of their lives.’

Below you can see Brussel Sprouts growing proudly. I can see various brassicas in the garden bed where the garlic used to grow.



Clearly autumn is here.


I am delighted to see that produce continues to flourish. As the days pass, surely we must be getting closer to returning to volunteer there.

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