Autumn chez moi

Almost a fortnight ago, my sister suggested we head for New Norfolk to look at the endless array of deciduous trees with their changing colours. I was grateful for the offer but declined.  At that time my back garden was a blaze of yellows. Over a couple of days I took a clutch of photos.



The tall symmetrical silver birch was a stunning mix of yellows and lime greens.


Likewise the greengage plum tree with its alternating mix of green and yellow.


The leaves on the cherry tree were various tones of almost translucent yellows.


The persimmon tree leaves were changing despite the tree being full of fruit not yet ready for harvest. On the western side the leaves were green while on the eastern side of the tree the new reds and orange colours were appearing.



Other plants now showed their autumn foliage.



In a small back garden these trees glow. I glow as I walk amongst them. Perhaps similar to a spiritual experience, their light lightens my heart.


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