Skies awakening to the day

On a recent early morning walk when I set out before dawn, I watched the changes in the sky. By the time I reached Bellerive Beach, the colours varied from soft to dramatic.  Initially the clouds were smudged brown.  Later the pinks arrived. Then the clouds linked and moved so they appeared to be streamers from the as yet unrisen sun.




A warmth in the colour of the clouds and sky followed.


Half way along the beach I stood under what seemed to be rushing exhausts from a giant flying machine.


At the end of the beach I turned and retraced my steps. The sky looked different from this new angle.



Finally, when I returned to the end of the  beach where I first stepped out, I looked across the expanse admiring the day’s early softening light, the curves of the incoming tide and the frilly edge of the Derwent River.


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