Supporting different communities

All of us are finding our way through these new constrained times. A time when personal confusion and high emotions can cloud our view of the world.

Friend Mary decided to make a positive contribution for as long as it takes; each day on her Facebook site she is posting a glorious photo of a wonderful Tasmanian wilderness feature.  If you want to look, go to: She has been an intrepid walker who loves the landscape both across Tasmania and around the world. For those who cannot walk in remote and isolated places, her photos will be the next best thing. In addition they are spirit lifting and usefully remind me how grand our much weathered landscape is. Tasmania’s geology is millions of years older than that of New Zealand and Europe so the spectacle is of a completely different order. When I look at these photos I can feel the pulse of fresh clean air and ancient times. Thanks Mary.

Sister June told me about her 80 odd strong chorus who have created a virtual Chorus Garden. Using online contacts, the idea is to exchange produce or other items from around the house; not barter, just sharing and exchange.  Recently a box of vegetables was left at her door, as part of this informal Chorus Garden concept.

Chorus garden 1

This seems to me to be another style of ‘waste not want not’ community program. Simple. Effective.

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