Masses of confusion

I like the idea of self-seeding plants and mixtures of plants in one area. Just as my cosmos and marigold plants hide tomatoes, I want to see more of this idea across my garden. I want to create an environment where small forests develop of their own accord with a little help from me. I am confident cosmos, marigolds, tomatoes and parsley will continue to show across my garden without my assistance. Next season it is likely these ‘spreads’ will be joined by freely dispersed paper daisies and calendulas. To these latter two I will give an initial helping hand.

As the calendulas have seeded I have been collecting their hard crescent shaped seeds.




I will spread these seeds loosely in different sections of the garden later this year hoping for some to germinate and grow. Then continue the spread.  I expect Calendulas to grow well in the vegetable garden and be a good companion to future plantings of cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, carrots, asparagus, and Spring salad vegetables.  The bonus is Calendulas are bright and showy.  Beautiful.

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3 Responses to Masses of confusion

  1. Chantale says:

    Hi Helen, nice to read your musings. Cosmos is an other great self seeder.


  2. chantale delrue says:

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