Paper daisies

I purchased a small punnet of paper daisies, seeking glorious colour and the pleasure of the hardness of their flowers. However I did not understand they needed to be planted close together for effect, and spaced them apart. So they have looked a little odd, each standing off at a distance. But I have learnt. In future I will cluster them in large groups for a massive show next summer into autumn.  The secret is obvious. I have been harvesting their seeds from their centres leaving a frilly edge of hard ‘petals’.


The seeds are attached to a wispy set of fibres designed so that wind can carry them long distances.


I plan to mix some of these seeds loosely with seed-raising soil in shallow punnet pots when spring arrives. Then plant them out; perhaps into pots as gifts for friends.  Others I will sprinkle over the garden liberally then rake through a shallow compost and soil so that they don’t blow away.

On a rainy inclement day I found they do not open up to the sky; I guess that is a mechanism to protect their internal florets and seeds in the making.  Another example of clever plants.


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2 Responses to Paper daisies

  1. wilfredbooks says:

    Lovely colourful flowers! Cheers, Jon.


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