Saving seed

I asked friend K about the best way to collect seed from tomatoes. After all, they are squashy and wet and, if left, may not dry out rather rot and grow mould. K learnt the following process from another – we both liked the ease and simplicity involved compared to other methods.  This year I will try out the technique and later this year I hope I can germinate at least some of the seeds.

K explained I needed to use some absorbent paper towelling. Write the name of the tomato on top and include the date of the seed collecting process.


Remove the seeds from the tomato gel and then, in a grid formation, place seeds in their own space.


After spacing them on the paper towel, place another paper towel over the top and press edges and a couple of internal spots with wet fingers to stick the towels together. Let dry in warm shade. Once completely dry they should hold together well so you can just roll up the towel and then when ready to germinate, just cut them in straight lines to give you individual biodegradable square seed packs that can be lain straight into your propagation mix.

The paper towel method works for 1 – 2 years storage. For long term storage you should look into the fermenting way – read more here.

Most importantly don’t forget to label them straight away.

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  1. MEGAN KUBE says:

    What a great idea!


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