Growing varieties of tomatoes

In her garden fellow RTBG volunteer K grows an impressive range of tomatoes.  The harvest has been extraordinarily successful this year.


I am sure you noticed the variations in size, shape and colour of these fruits.  Probably, like me, you haven’t a clue what the name of each is.

K created a chart and photographed. What an excellent idea. Too obvious of course, but until I saw these photos I hadn’t considered doing so.



I am super-impressed. Since I have never had a range of any vegetable or fruit on this scale I have never had cause to arrange and name.  But I imagine in coming years, as I learn more and get better organised, this sort of tagging may also become my norm.


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3 Responses to Growing varieties of tomatoes

  1. Katie K says:

    thanks for posting a correcting post Helen 🙂 Roscoe’s tomatoes are a collection of wonders!


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