Green beans from the garden

Last year a couple of scarlet runner bean seeds were ‘lost’ on the ground near the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Food Garden tool shed. Waste not want not, I decided, and brought them home. The seeds are a pretty pink purple colour with a bluish black splodge across them. Image below is courtesy of the site here.

Scarlet runner bean seed

I tied together three tall sticks as a framework on which the beans could rise. And grow they did. Despite the partial collapse from my poorly built structure the plant has produced lots of big fat beans. I have harvested most, sliced and blanched them, then divided the mass into meal size portions and frozen them for the future. Today I picked the last of the beans.



Bright healthy green.  Full of life.



These will be the hero of my dinner dish tonight!

Is this inspiration for you?  Two seeds, and many meals worth of beans for the future; seems like a good deal to me and one worth repeating. I have kept one large seed pod.  This is currently drying and I plan to use the seed for the next crop to be planted later this year after the final frosts (if we get any) of spring.

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