Excess produce will have new homes

Previously I have talked about R and A’s use of a market stall at Margate to sell excess fruit and vegetables from growers down the Channel south of Hobart, and then to disperse the monetary takings to a local group in need.


The COVID virus closed the market but not the enterprise to collect and disperse the excess produce.  R and A decided to continue to pick and harvest on different properties at the request of owners and some growers deliver their excess to R and A.  Now, instead of selling the produce, R and A take the fruit and veggies directly to one or two charitable groups who, in turn, give to the homeless and needy.

If you are reading this in other parts of Australia or overseas, perhaps you are a grower or know growers who have excess and can encourage them to pick and give away.  It doesn’t matter how small the offering.  There will be be lots of hungry people in the coming weeks and months and so every mouthful will be appreciated.  It is so very important that we do not waste food and that we share what we can, without expectation of any return.

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2 Responses to Excess produce will have new homes

  1. wilfredbooks says:

    It’s very gratifying to know that this selfless and commendable enterprise is continuing.


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