Not the RTBG but another garden

One of my fellow volunteers at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (RTBG) sent me an email yesterday (Thursday) and remarked “ I know I’m not the only one missing our day at The Patch today, so very much.”  R continued “I thought I would say hello and send some photos from our place today! You will see our pumpkin patch with our largest punkin’ (not quite as big as THAT one at the Patch), our carrot ‘Lady in Orange Tights’ …




our kitchen table full of tomatoes and stuff from the garden


A’s latest compost batch. [The ‘soil’ looks good enough to eat and I have no doubt that plants that get a ‘bite’ or two of this will grow madly with great vigour.]


The Patch Pickles that R made from “the Patch green tomatoes we absconded with last Thursday.” R and I both brought some home and as you know from earlier blog posts I made green tomato sauce rather than pickles or relish. R reckons “the pickles can live in the (Food Garden) tool shed and be used on our lunches etc, when we’re finally allowed back. We’ll need some energy to deal with all the weeds, methinks.”


Thanks R for these inspiring photos and commentary.

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