More donations of food and money; lots to be happy about

A few weeks ago I described a generous free venture started south of Hobart by friends R and A.  Fruit and vegetables that might otherwise have gone to waste now are collected from various properties and sold at the Wednesday Margate market with all proceeds going to some local needy group.

R took a couple of photos of their last week’s produce stall.



I loved looking at the variety of apples in those photos and then the colourful mix of so many other fruits and vegetables. Everything looks so fresh and healthy.

The panoramic photo below shows a recent Wednesday market.

Hall panorama

The good news is that people in the Channel area are rallying to support this endeavour. They continue to donate piles of unwanted fruit and vegetables from their gardens and orchards.  Sometimes residents deliver what they are offering and sometimes R and A go picking and collect produce.

People are increasingly aligning themselves with the notion they must not waste. Even growers don’t grow all the food they would like to eat so sharing it in this way makes sense.

And the delighted surprise of recipients of the monies made during the sale at the market lights up the community.

R sent me a short video of the happy experience at the market. You can watch it here.

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