Patatas Bravas with green-tomato sauce

I had hoped to make relish but sauce was all I could manage.

Red tomato sauce always looks appealing and dramatic. A green/brown mixture has no such appeal. Therefore, I’ve been giving a great deal of thought as to how might I use the sauce made last night. I wondered whether I could make a dish that looked attractive; that might tempt an eater (other than me who will eat anything).

I visualised a dish of potatoes with the green-tomato sauce mixed through, a contrast of lines of pale vegan mayonnaise across the top, garnished with sprigs of flat leaf parsley from my garden.  A Tapas. When I visited Spain 14 months ago I tried out Patatas Bravos in a number of cities and realised that local traditions influenced the specific ingredients as well as the presentation. On that basis I was comfortable to invent my own.

I boiled small chunks of potato, heated some sauce and then made the dish. It tasted terrific. The gentle spices of the sauce worked so well with the texture of the potatoes. Meanwhile, the sauce drowned out the flavour of the delicate mayonnaise. A great dish to eat but unfortunately one that doesn’t look attractive; looks somewhat sludgy.


Thinking cap on now for a new dish…

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2 Responses to Patatas Bravas with green-tomato sauce

  1. wilfredbooks says:

    Looks fine to me! Cheers, Jon.


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