RTBG Thursday 2nd January 2020

Today I was back at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (RTBG) but not for volunteering in the Food Garden.  Co-ordinator Adam was still away and therefore, without someone to oversee volunteers and unlock the tool shed, our volunteer team had an extra week off.  We will be back working in that garden next Thursday.

Once I arrived at the RTBG of course I walked through the Food Garden. I was looking for massive weed growth and any sign of damage by the strong recent winds and the excessively hot days – those in the 30s and then our one day with the temperature over 40. Someone had made sure the plants were watered and I was surprised there was minimal change, except growth of the tomato and zucchini plants. Considering a fortnight has passed since we weeded, the new growth will be manageable next week.



The reason for my visit to the RTBG was once again to undertake seed-sweeping. This time I paired up with Seed Nursery Curator Lorraine to pick up the tiny black seeds from pot tops and sweep the floor of the enclosed bays in which the Philotecha Freyciana bushes were growing. Nothing new to report on that job. I am not rostered next week but expect to have two stints the week after – if the bushes continue to throw seed.  The expectation is that the harvest may be over before then.

It was good to be back there and now I look forward to a new year of learning.

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