RTBG – progress of olive preparations 7 July 2019

From previous posts you know that I am preparing/pickling Kalamata olives by two means.

The contrast will help me to determine which method I prefer once the process is complete.

For the collection of olives swimming in a brine bath I need to change the water once a week.  When I opened the container for the first changeover, I was surprised when seeing the effect of one week’s brine on the olives.  They were no longer plump curvy forms rather they had started to wrinkle and shrivel.  Fascinating.IMG_6982.JPGThis must be normal and therefore I will expect more downsizing next week.

Then I went downstairs to look at my hanging bag/muslin ’dry’ sack looking for any changes. I understand by the end of the six weeks the bag will be encrusted with a purplish salt that has oozed slightly over time.

After one week the sack looked the same, however it felt damp when I held it.  So the process of change seems a little slower with this method than the brine method but, not having opened the sack, I assume it is progressing along just fine.IMG_6988.JPG


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