Bruny Island 11 of 15

From the southern end of Bruny we began the return journey to Adventure Bay by motoring further out to sea with the hope of spotting albatross and other birds of the sea, dolphins, and even whales.  Before long we watched the soar and glide of a large albatross ahead. To learn more about Tasmania’s albatross read here and here.

Without a zoom lens, photographing these giant birds was pointless – so enjoy the photos on the sites listed above.

Suddenly a passenger yelled – “a dolphin”. We peered over the side and watched the wet flash of a dolphin slipping through the water at the same speed as our boat was travelling.  “There’s another”, screamed a passenger in excitement. Many Bottlenose Dolphins swam near us; some next to our boat, some further away and on both sides of the boat, ahead and behind.  But they weren’t particularly playful and didn’t stay with us for long.  Read the story of other watchers on other occasions in this locality.20190413_122612.jpg

20190413_122514.jpgAs we travelled north the sky colours silvered then glowered. Vaguely in the distance we could see Tasman Island off the southern tip of the Tasman Peninsula.20190413_123617.jpg

20190413_123621.jpgThen, as we returned into Adventure Bay, the clouds separated.20190413_125239.jpg

20190413_125301.jpgFinally, ahead I could see the jetty and the Bruny Island Cruise reception area almost lost in the landscape.20190413_125431.jpgA couple of years ago I experienced the Pennicott Cruise to and around Tasman Island, and loved it.  This Pennicott Bruny Island cruise did not disappoint.  It gave me a wonderful three hours with much to see and think about. I learnt more and was reminded how inspiring and reinvigorating the natural world continues to be for me.


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