Bruny Island 5 of 15

For most of the sea journey the coastline was  formed as a series of dolerite uprights with the occasional separate pillar. At their base, fractures in the rocks allowed the waves in and gradual erosion formed caves.20190413_101329.jpg

20190413_101144.jpgJeanette’s photo below is one of many showing the surprisingly beautiful water colour south of Adventure Bay.  In addition, you will notice how calm the waters were – remember we are on the sea-side of Tasmania/Bruny Island where New Zealand is the next land mass to the east. I expected much rougher conditions. The cruise staff rated the wave height for most of the day at .5 to 1 metre – apparently almost unheard of.  Jeanette and I often mention how lucky we are with our experiences – being in the right place at the right time.20190413_101438.jpgA thin line of kelp forest edged these rocks.  A pink algae spotted the walls around the kelp roots – apparently a sure sign of abalone and lobster deep below.20190413_101247.jpg

20190413_101504.jpgLooking up was equally as dramatic.  Grand.20190413_101415.jpgAhead, Fluted Cape towered over the landscape.20190413_101651.jpgJeanette’s photo below locates this prominence in the larger landscape.20190413_101225.jpgStony beaches, created from weathered and sea-washed rock fall, nudged the waves and edged the dolerite towers. 20190413_101721.jpg

20190413_103506.jpgGrasses and trees had footholds within the rocks up on high.20190413_101850.jpgColourful lichens covered rocks closer to the sea level.  20190413_101956.jpg


20190413_102330.jpgThe rocky landscape presented a palette of textures and colours and we marvelled at the scale of these cliffs. We motored slowly and with each blink of the eye, our world was one of new and different arrays of shapes.


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