Bruny Island 3 of 15

From the isthmus separating North and South Bruny, we continued south and then turned westwards towards the township of Alonnah.Alonnah.JPG

The original aboriginal name for Bruny was alonnah-lunawanna.  Our destination and a township further south Lunawanna directly reference this history.

We wound through the back streets of tiny Alonnah to find The Tree House, a house we had booked for the weekend.  Mainland Tasmania stretched north and south on the other side of the Channel. From our vantage point on one of the three balconies, we watched the sun set behind Adamson’s Peak and other high moments of the Hartz National Park on Tasmania’s mainland while sipping a crisp sparkling white and waiting for our dinner to appear. Glorious. Magical.

Jeanette captured the spirit of the late afternoon with her photos:  20190412_164348.jpg



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