Heading towards the Serpentine

The inclement conditions stopped us lingering around Lake Gordon and its electricity generating infrastructure. Heading east we looked for the road to take us to the Serpentine Dam and River. It was signposted and easy to find. In all, only 6km separated one dam wall from the other.

Like Scotts Peak Road, the Serpentine Road was constructed with an excellent gravel surface. 20171001_113601.jpgMoments after turning onto the Serpentine Road from Gordon River Road, we were faced with a small tree that had fallen across most of the road.  Little deters us and Jeanette is not precious about her vehicle so we drove through with branches swishing over the car. Of course the photo seems to show the tree as something almost insubstantial – strange how the image does not reflect what our eyes saw. As we drove through the tree we thought other people may choose not to travel this way and turn back, and that we may be the only people that continued along the road. So we decided it would be prudent not to need help in any way (and we remembered there was no phone or internet reception in this remote location).20171001_113432.jpgThe end of our initial exploration of this part of Tasmania was almost over and we were giddy with delight. This video expresses some of that.

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