The Gordon Dam

Ahead and below lay the Gordon Dam wall and all its structures. Gordon dam and roads below.JPG


20171001_095339.jpgThis marvel of engineering was completed in 1974.  The mighty wall holds back Lake Gordon; As at early October 2017, the lake level is approximately 23 metres down from being full (Hydro Tasmania). 20171001_095446.jpg


20171001_100740.jpg It is possible to walk down seemingly endless steps and then across the wall.  I recorded Jeanette’s passage down- watch for the red beanie. In the next series of photos note her size once she reaches the wall – this should help you to understand the distance down from the road.    20171001_095827.jpg




20171001_095934.jpgThe next shot is the last moment when we could hear each other over the distance (remember it was raining so that would dampen the sound).20171001_100010She continued walking down the cold wet metal steps. Later,  all 184 steps had to be retraced. Jeanette was counting in the rain. 20171001_100107.jpg

20171001_100148.jpgThe views from the wall were stunning. Firstly, the plaque commemorating the completion of the dam is attached to one wall.  When you look up, Lake Gordon glows.  Looking higher, your eye returns to the buildings at road level.  Looking over the dam wall, the edge of the quartzite rocks into the Lake stands out crisply.  20171001_100522.jpg





20171001_101106.jpgLooking across and looking down the wall helps to appreciate its grand size.20171001_100559.jpg


Despite the relentless rain and its accompaniment of reducing temperatures, this was a happy occasion.



The Gordon Dam is a beautiful piece of engineering.


The rocky cliffs exposed by the dam establishment processes attracted my attention.




I loved the continual flurry of life such as the flowering wattle tree hanging onto the side of a cliff but set against a background of rain over gorges.



I hope to return to the Gordon Dam and abseil down the face from this platform.


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2 Responses to The Gordon Dam

  1. DeeScribes says:

    When I lived in Tasmania in 1990, everyone told me about the Gordon Dam and what a marvel of engineering it is. Thanks for taking me on a virtual trip with you!


    • I am so sorry you never got to see it; its quite remarkable. Jeanette’s father was enamoured of great engineering had taken her there as a child so it was a wonderful (albeit very wet) visit for her. Glad you enjoyed it.


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