Side roads

We returned to the main road from the Huon Camp and often took minor side roads to the edge of Lake Pedder or other vantage points. Not all the side roads were signposted. However, when the gravel surface looked as good as the main Scotts Peak Road ,we drove along them in our normal 2WD car.20170930_133613.jpg


20170930_133804.jpgTo hear the buffeting sound of the wind with waves flowing onto the shore of Lake Pedder, watch this video.20170930_134555.jpgWe took one road up a hill and overlooked Edgar Pond to the east and Lake Pedder to the west.  A new look at the Western Arthur Range was also possible from this vantage point. 20170930_141747.jpg



20170930_134751.jpgI hope you are sinking into each photo slowly; if you do then maybe you will feel the cold wind, revel in the isolation, smell the land and atmosphere, and fall in love with the ambience of each environment.

I loved so much not the least of it being the sensational view back to snow covered Mt Anne.20170930_135317.jpg


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