Huon Campground

20170930_102913.jpgThe Huon Campground is another designated area for people to stay. Dense bush and tall trees cluster around the camping spaces so I imagine wind would not be a problem. Every space had a fireplace and a table with benches.   20170930_114640.jpg



20170930_114852.jpg20170930_122210.jpg There are two ways to walk to Bathurst Harbour/Port Davey/Melaleuca on the south west of Tasmania.  One track links Cockle Creek on the east with Melaleuca on the west: the South West Coast Track.  The other track extends from the Huon Camp to Bathurst Harbour and further beyond: the Port Davey Track.  Jeanette and I decided we would walk some way on the Port Davey track; we had water and food, wet weather gear and time.

Initially a side track from the car park took us through a pleasant grove. 20170930_114913.jpg

20170930_115621.jpgA sign near the beginning of the walk reminded us of the hazards of the walk.20170930_120039.jpgThen we reached a boot cleaning station designed to stop the spread of dangerous fungus and other diseases.20170930_120125.jpg








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