The Western Arthur Range

Over the years I had heard people mentioning the ‘western arthurs’ with familiarity and love.  Seeing them spread out and creating a jagged edge on the horizon was startling.  Now I understand that affection. Wonderful.20170930_112307.jpgThese mountain peaks with their patches of snow were visible as we were reaching the Edgar Dam and stunning vistas continued in view until we reached Red Knoll Lookout.  Every turn in the road gave us new angles so that we were forever stopping the car and jumping out to exclaim once more about the grand panorama across the waters of Edgar Pond and later over the vegetated landscape.     20170930_101634.jpg




20170930_104516.jpg An ABC online news story asks ‘why are the Western Arthurs such a treacherous walk, and discusses some of the challenges’.  This site provides a map (excerpt below) which shows 18 of the main mountain peaks along the range.Map of western arthurs.JPGThe article quotes a bushwalker who declared ‘You have to be slightly sadomasochistic to attempt a traverse of the Western Arthurs’: a 7 day, 70 km walk.  The Wildsight website includes details of the walk plus stunning photos. The steepness of the terrain is horrifying especially considering that any walker would be shouldering a very heavy back pack. Australian Geographic presents a pictorial story.


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