Red Knoll Lookout

At the foot of a hill leading to the Red Knoll Lookout we passed a parked hired holiday van and three people casually walking upwards.  As we continued along the good gravel road we noticed skid marks and then before the brow of a hill a few massive slide marks let us realise those people had not been able to drive their van at the appropriate speed to get any further.  Jeanette dropped me at the top of the Red Knoll Lookout and kindly went back and collected the walkers to save them the effort of walking.

Meanwhile I enjoyed the expanse of Lake Pedder and the mountains.   20170930_104205.jpg



20170930_105553.jpgI am always partial to admiring cushion bush for their luminous bright green colours and for their, what seems to me to be, perfect shape.   20170930_104401.jpg


20170930_104435.jpgIn another part of Tasmania, major bush fires in 2016 wiped out thousands of hectares of native forests; this site shows a photo of large burnt cushion plants – and the article tells us these plants could have been 1000 years old.


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