Mt Anne

I was keen to see Mt Anne.  Named after the wife of one of Tasmania’s early surveyors, George Frankland,  Mt Anne is the highest mountain in the south west of Tasmania.  I hoped the curtain of misty clouds would rise and make visible the peak. Everyone tells me this is a difficult mountain to climb, and I know my sister felt very chuffed after she summited many years ago.

Along with useful walking information, the Tasmanian Expeditions website commented ‘the Mount Anne Circuit presents one of the world’s great bushwalking challenges’. The Tas Trails website describes the walk as ‘demanding’ and provides details of the location of the trail.  This site also includes some stunning photos of the initial walk on Mt Eliza and then Mt Anne.   Wikipedia talks about Mt Anne being for ‘experienced walkers’.

Throughout our day, we had many views of Mt Anne and none failed to delight.  Sadly our cameras were not always able to distinguish the mountain through the mist like our eyes could.   20170930_094621.jpg





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