On the road again

Slightly east of Strathgordon, markers of man’s intervention were clear next to the patch of road in the photo below. A cement barrier supporting a strong wire fence above that extended for a few hundred metres, had been built. In part we thought its purpose might have been to contain any rock falls near one section of the fence.  Or, was it ‘busy work’ for labourers during the dam and power station construction, if they were waiting to work on the next stage?20170930_082143.jpgThe rain stopped and the sky began to clear so that the sun created dark shadows across the land.20170930_082255.jpgAnd then from a position of sunshine we could look out over Lake Pedder into the distance where rain fell.20170930_082716.jpgThe quartzite edged road cuttings always reminded us of some of the underlying structure of this environment.20170930_083705.jpgFor the next few kilometres the majesty of the landscape across Lake Pedder continued to enthral us. Mostly we had no idea what we were looking at – no names.  But it didn’t matter. Just feeling the lively atmosphere generated by this landscape was the reward for getting out of the car into the cold air.  As I type this blog post I am transported back there: I feel a warm glow embracing me and a gentle smile crossing my face with each key stroke.  The grey skies brightened rather than dulled our spirits.20170930_083805.jpg






20170930_084845.jpgDoes this landscape inspire you ? It waits for you, offering easy viewing if you cannot walk or choose not to walk.20171001_104828.jpgAnd even if it is freezing or very wet outside of the car, it is invigorating to ‘take the air’. Trust me!20170930_091535.jpg

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