Hill tops in the distance

Separating the southern end of Lake Gordon from the Gordon River Road were a number of mountain ranges.  I think the peaks in the photos below are part of the Twelve Tree Range and include Mt Cullen.20170929_163507.jpg

20170929_163556.jpgFor details about walking to and across these you can read more here.

Before long, the Gordon River Road came close to the 40 km long Lake Pedder.  All manner of islands, hills and mountains were visible in the distance. From time to time some of these were named on signposts.  20170929_163925.jpg



20170929_164439.jpg Soon afterwards we arrived at our accommodation the Pedder Wilderness Lodge in the now almost non-existent town of Strathgordon, loaded our gear into our rooms and made our way to the bar and then the restaurant for dinner.  Superbly warm and comfortable, with staff exhibiting excellent product knowledge.   Not much later I was in bed and slept like a log.

Lodge and Gordon Dam.JPG

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