The Needles

As we travelled into the south west of Tasmania, through the density of the forests many rocky outcrops caught our attention.20170929_155345.jpgOne was The Needles.  We didn’t stop and get out of the car to look at this, believing the cold rain would not be to our liking. Weak, I know.20170929_155623.jpgOne blogsite shows photos and indicates the walking path you can take to walk up the Needles. Instructions where to find the walk starting point are also written here. In addition you will love their photographs. Another site offers excellent guidance here.

Please note if you plan to walk this or other tracks to be described in later posts, it is essential to find the registration ‘shed’ or box at the beginning of these trails to record your departure, and later your return.  This essential survival practice may help you if you do not, for some reason, return as expected.

Other mountain tops such as The Thumbs were barely in view and virtually invisible on the camera.20170929_155650.jpgThe shades of grey and blue colouring the hills and mountains under cloudy veils were stunningly beautiful. We could sense a magnificent world under that canopy of the grey white sky.

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